Time to Tell Time

The Digitals have almost crushed the Analog kingdom, and you are their last hope. If you can master the ancient clock towers and tell time correctly, you might be able to turn the tide and fight back.



The strategic game teaches how to use both analog and digital clocks.



Before time the world was a dark and dangerous place. Evil spirits moved as shadows over the land of gloom. Darkness ruled.

Then time started [ticktack, ticktack] and the Analog people emerged [light from a clockface]. Brave explorers, inventors of futuristic machines, and conquers of science. Their mighty clocktowers brought light to the world, order in chaos, harmony.

Time continued as time do. Days became years and years centuries… The Analog people soon forgot the dark ages and their knowledge on how to control their clocktowers vanished into history.

One tribe far away in the mountains of the North continued to develop their machines. Their mines extracted precious metals. If they dug too deep or their greed became too strong, no one knows. But the evil spirits from the dark ages engulfed them.

The tribe could no longer see the depth and beauty in nature, for them everything was either powerful or weak, living or dead – and the tribe was called the Digitals.

The Digitals mastered electricity and built weapons the world had never seen before. The smoke from their factories turned the day into night and the night was lit up by the fires from their machines.

The inevitable had to happen. The Digitals were one day outside the gate of the Analog kingdom, but the Analog people could not control their clocktowers. They could not tell time, and as the walls were unprotected, they were soon crushed by the Digitals. The kingdom of the Analog people crumbled. The end of time had come…

But in the shadows of the smoke, a story was whispered. A story about a powerful wizard, a wizard who has mastered time.

– O mighty user. Are you that wizard?

– We have a few clocktowers hidden in the western forest. Guide us – it is time to tell time.

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